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Abstract painting is the creative means to express a personalized view. The artists for these paintings use random lines and shapes to express their ideas. The crazy ones are the persons who can actually see the whole world this way. However, they are those who make crazy paintings that can really catch your eyes. Abstract painting is a form of art that is full of craziness but the paintings made under this category are undeniably good and attractive even at times you cannot understand what they mean.

Abstract painting is the form of art based on non-realistic portrayals. Abstract pieces of artworks were already popular since the 20th century. Abstract painting has been iconic due to the artworks made by popular artists such as Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock. Most of the paintings created by the abstract painters are based on the idea that shape, texture and color have inherent significance on their own privileges. They are also capable to provoke a reaction even if they are used to form a non-realistic or unrecognizable work.   

Seeing great abstract artwork could be an experience that is full of enlightenment and emotions although you cannot understand their meanings. By opening your own self to this unusual and extremely individualized part of the painting industry, you will discover the passion as well as the appreciation for the abstract artworks that would expand your artistic prospects. This page has more abstract paintings that can catch your attention. Look at them one by one and see how they are perfectly made.