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This page is where you will find all of the artworks of the modern times painter named Thomas Kinkade. All of the pieces of artworks that you will find here are offered at very reasonable costs. These will be made for you by the expert artists of Paint From using the hand-made oil reproduction process. He was an artist from America who created popular, realistic, idyllic and bucolic subjects. He was also known for mass promotion of his artworks that were printed in printed reproductions. He did the same thing for the other registered products that the Thomas Kinkade Corporation has to offer.

He made himself popular as he used the title “Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light”. He tried to protect that title through trademark but this title was initially attributed for the English master named J. Turner. He was also claimed to be the most collective living artist prior the time of his death with an estimated one painting for each 20 homes where his paintings are placed in.

The main characteristics of the paintings made by Thomas Kinkade are the glowing highlights as well as the inundated pastel colors. Provided in extremely idealistic scene for the values of his paintings, his artworks usually show bucolic and idyllic settings like gardens, stone cottages, streams, main streets and lighthouses. Placerville which was the hometown for this famous painter was also the place where his artworks became omnipresent. The place served as the motivation for him while he paints. Thomas Kinkade also depicted the different Christian themes such as the churches and Christian cross.